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What I miss about Mexico

Letting people know that you're not from the USA leads to a lot of different questions, sometimes about me, sometimes about culture, sometimes about politics (yes, really...).  One of the most common questions is "What do you miss about Mexico?" and I guess the most common answer is the most obvious, my family. 

When I leave Mexico, my mom just had a really bad accident, and she was in bed without being able to move.  My dad was in between jobs, and the country was a hot mess.  I felt horrible, leaving my parents and not being able to help them out as I would've liked, but my son was already in the USA after I drove almost 38 hours straight to Missouri to leave him and my wife with her parents, I had spent the last few months organizing everything, I had quit my job, sold my car and all the extra stuff I didn't need, spent more than "a little too much" getting all my documents in order and had my plane tickets.

I remember my mom early in the morning te…

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